Mail Archiver

The Mail Archiver allows users to access all historical emails via a simple search function.  The Mail Archiver is often used to search messages that may have been moved to an unknown folder within Outlook or deleted from Outlook.  Any email that is deleted from a user's Outlook mailbox will not be deleted from the archiver history.  The archiver can be accessed via your outlook using the "Search Archive" button in the Outlook Ribbon or via the web. To access the Mail Archiver via the web, please click the link below.

Mail Archiver Web Access

The Mail Archiver is accessible on the Web for a more defined searching capability.  To access the mail archiver via the web from any browser, visit:

The Mail Archiver is also conveniently available within your Outlook mailbox (not available via Outlook Web Access) for an easy search option. While in your outlook, click on the "search Archive" option, located in the ribbon on the home tab.

When the new window opens, you can enter your search criteria and matching emails will be returned.

To view an email, double click the email and it will open on your desktop.

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