RightFax User Guide


To access RightFax enter the following URL from any browser on any LMC campus.  Enter your LMC username and password when prompted.



  • Upon login, you will see the following options.  Click on FaxUtil Web.


  •          This will bring up your fax mailbox. From this screen, you can send new fax, check outbound faxes, and check your department fax mailbox if you have access.  To check your departmental fax mailbox expand the Other Users tab.



  •          To send new fax click the New Fax button.  Please note that you will need to use 10 digits to send all faxes internally or externally.  Fill in the 10-digit Fax Number, Name, Cover Sheet notes, and attached files if needed.  Then hit Send.



Fax Printing


To print fax, download it locally and print from the local printer. 

Click on Fax Button.  Then Download save as PDF.  It will open in a new tab or in Adobe Reader.  Then you can click print.  






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