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Services Catalog

A service catalog is a menu of LMC IT services offerings. The catalog is an actual list of defined managed services offerings. 

The purpose of a service catalog is to provide transparency into the application and software offered to the college. To find out more about an application or software, please submit a service request.

Managed Services Catalog Benefits

Focused business model. Many service catalogs suffer from offering too many menu options to their customers. Too many services options can result in a service delivery team which is stretched too thin and unable to specialize in anything.

Scope Creep. Teams that have no services catalog are just asking for trouble. Defining managed services offerings can help focus efforts to only those items that can be delivered.

Efficiency. Doing too many things often means you were doing none of them well. Some of the best business models rely on doing a few things very well. The same should be true of managed services. Refining your managed services offerings should help IT team become much better (and efficient).

Increased customer satisfaction. As you define your managed services catalog and become better at what you do, you should also realize an increase in your efficiency and customer satisfaction. Having a defined managed services offerings will allow you to both specialize in those services and focus your time on developing efficiencies and automation, both of which will impact your service level.

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