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Wireless and Wired Connections 

This section is dedicated for accessing Northwestern's network on campus. Please select a article below for further information for the most commonly asked questions.


Lake Michigan College offers WiFi coverage for the majority of campus buildings and dormitories. LMC also offers wired connections in the residence hall. Once your computer is registered on the network it will automatically connect to the network.The available College WiFi networks are:

    • LMC-Privete: Is available to all staff, faculty, and students
    • Guest: Is available to everyone, although access is limited and does require the user to create a temporary account for access. User must provide either a valid email address to cellular number to receive login information.

Please note, that in order to connect to Lake Michigan College's wireless/wired network on campus with your computer, it is Strongly suggested to have an anti-virus program with up-to-date virus definitions. In addition, by connecting to the College network, the student agrees to abide by the policies which govern computing on campus located in the Acceptable Use Policy

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