Encrypted Email - Barracuda Encrypt Message

Sending an encrypted email is available to all individuals with an LMC email account. Encryption allows faculty and staff to securely send and receive email for added security.

To send an encrypted email, you’ll need to access Outlook on your computer or via the web.

In Outlook on your computer:

compose a new email and click the Encrypt Message icon located in the ribbon

Next, turn encryption on. This will place a .txt file in the email. This file is required for the encryption to work. Do not delete this file.

In Outlook on the Web:

Click on the three dots near the bottom of the email, to the right of the send button, then click on Barracuda Essentials in the menu

Once clicked, the encryption toggle will appear on the right side of the screen. Ensure it is toggled on and the text file is attached to the email. This file is required for the encryption to work. Do not delete this file.

Once the encryption is turned on, compose the email and attach additional files as necessary.

Recipient of encrypted email:

When the recipient receives the email, the message will come from NoReply@Barracuda.com and the subject will be, “You have a new encrypted message from user@lakemichigancollege.edu”. Please ensure you notify the recipient of the upcoming arrival of the message. If they do not receive the message, you can ask them to check their spam or junk folder as well. LMC does not have control of how the recipient’s email will filter the email.

When the recipient opens the email, they will see the following. The recipient can click the URL to gain access to the message. If this is their first encrypted email, they will be asked to create a password to login.

If the user has previously used the Barracuda Archiver, they may enter their password. If they forgot their password, they can choose to reset or change the password.


Once logged in, the recipient can view any attachments, reply to the email within the portal, and print/download the message. If replying, the recipient may add new attachments if necessary.

When the recipient replies, the sender will receive an encrypted response, requiring sign in to the Barracuda system to view and reply. This ensure encryption is maintained. Since this system is not directly integrated with the Lake Michigan College Domain, you will see the External Email: Use Caution banner at the top of the email.

*Please note, the banner does not mean an email is dangerous to open, instead it warns to be cautious of the content before opening.


Read receipt:

Once the email is read, the sender will receive a read receipt

Sending encrypted emails to internal users (Faculty and Staff):

When sending encrypted emails to individuals with an @lakemichigancollge.edu or @365.lakemichigancollege.edu email address, the sending instructions are the same. However, the email will be readable directly within your LMC email box and do not require an additional login. If the email is forwarded externally, ensure the .txt file remains or the message will no longer be encrypted.


For further information, please contact the IT Service Desk or submit a service request at  https://portal.mylmc.org

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