How to Use the Canon Copiers

LMC provides Canon Copiers in various areas around the College to allow fast access to printing, copying, and scanning to our email.

Printing to a copier

To print to a copier, print your document and choose the printer that you have access to. If your copier does not have a release station configured, the pages will print directly to the machine. If you are using a print release station, such as the library copiers, you will need to enter your LMC username and Password in the login space on the touch pad. At this time, the Name Badge reader is not available. Once they are available, you will be able to swipe your badge to gain access.

The first time you use the badge reader, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Once authenticated, your badge will be saved in your user profile.

Making Copies

To make copies, login to the copier and choose the Access Device option. You will then navigate to the copier menu that allows you to make copies of a current document.

Scan to Email

To scan documents to your email, choose the scan option after logging in

Use the scan button for a quick, one-touch scan to your own email

Use the home icon to return to the main login page

Use the arrow icon to logout


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