Full VPN Access

Users with full VPN access can access all LMC services through their LMC-owned computer. Full VPN access requests should be submitted through the IT service desk for proper provisioning. Due to limited licensing, full VPN is not available to all users at this time.

For users with full VPN access the following procedure should be followed to connect to the VPN to ensure all services are available.

From the login screen of the laptop, click on the “double computer” icon as noted in the picture below. If this icon does not exist, please contact IT for further assistance.

Once you click on that icon, AnyConnect will open. Enter your username and password.

Once you are connected, you will see another icon indicating the VPN is active.

At this point, you will log into the laptop as normal and will have full access to internal services, such as Banner.

A few Notes:
-Since full access to all LMC services is available through full VPN, ensure the computer is not left unattended and the screen is locked when you step away from the device.

-When connected to full VPN, you can still remote into your work computer if necessary

-If the connection is unstable, please check your home Internet connection to ensure it is active and working properly

-It is recommended you only use secure Internet connections to access full VPN. Using public WiFi services have a potential to allow unauthorized access from others.


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