Rocky Room AV Control System - Todd Center

As you walk in front of the AV Room Control Panel it will activate.

Touch to Begin, the control system will initiate.

There is a wireless microphone for each room. They are located in the closet in TC-1306 in a pull-out drawer in the equipment rack. You can use the handheld or lavalier, but not both at the same time. They are labeled with the corresponding room number.


Select Input Source

 The Input Naming is located on the wall jack.

Each room has its own input which can be used.

When the input is selected the projector screens will lower and the projectors will power on.


The room can be configured for different layouts.

I.e...   All 3 rooms separated, all 3 rooms combined, or 2 rooms combined.

To access this feature press and hold the Setting Icon for 5 seconds.

When you press the line separating the rooms it will combine and uncombine the rooms

When the line is grayed out the rooms are combined.


You may have to select reselect input to the room systems to have them display properly.



To turn the room off Press the Power Icon.

Then complete the process. The Screens will retract and the projectors will power off.


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