Lockdown Browser

LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Used at over 2000 higher educational institutions, LockDown Browser is the “gold standard” for securing online exams in classrooms or proctored environments.

When using the lockdown browser, you will not be able to open another browser on the device. Lockdown Browser may also require access to your camera for remote proctoring.

In most cases, Lockdown Browser will function seamlessly. However, in instances where issues occur, the following troubleshooting steps should resolve most issues.

Lockdown Browser Requires an Update:

If the device is LMC-owned, please visit the IT Service Desk for a technician to assist. If the Device is personally-owned, please follow the download link in Canvas to download and install.

In some instances, the device may require you to uninstall the previous version before installing the new.


Camera Not Detected:

If a camera is not detected, ensure your camera drivers are up to date and installed. If the camera is built in to the device, and continues to malfunction, you may need to utilize an external USB camera. If you are using a USB camera, please ensure it is properly connected. You may need to unplug and plug the device back in. In addition, you may need to reboot the device.


Chromebook Issues:

Although Chromebooks are currently supported by Respondus, they do not allow a direct installation of LockDown Browser. Instead, you will need to install the browser extension. To do so, visit Canvas and download the extension via the LockDown Browser link in a class. At times, you may experience an error message stating that Lockdown Browser is required, even after installing the extension. If this occurs, please try the following:

If you are using a Chromebook to take a quiz in your Canvas environment, and get taken to a page that says "Respondus LockDown Browser Required," this means one of the following is true:

  1. That you might not yet have installed the LockDown Browser Chromebook extension or it's not currently enabled.  

a) Enter the following in the URL address bar in Chrome: Chrome://extensions/
b) Locate the LockDown Browser Chrome Extension. If you don't see it listed, it's not installed. You can use your institution's LockDown Browser download URL to install the extension. This URL is typically found on the quiz summary page.
c) Ensure the LockDown Browser for Chromebook extension is enabled (toggled "on" with the slider all the way to the right.)
d) Once you do all the above, try again to take your exam.


  1. Cookies are interfering with the LockDown Browser extension being recognized as installed on your Chromebook. If so, you'll want to clear out all cookies and cache on your Chromebook.  

a) Enter the following in the URL address bar in Chrome: Chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
b) Select "All time" for Time Range
c) Select "Cookies and other site data," then click the "clear data" button.
d) Then attempt your exam again.


If the above doesn't work, clear all site data:

a) Enter the following in the URL address bar in Chrome: chrome://settings/siteData
b) Click the "Remove All" button to delete all leftover cookies and site data. A pop-up window may appear, asking you to confirm. Click the "clear all" button in this pop-up.
c) Restart your Chromebook, then log into Canvas, and navigate first to your course, then to "quizzes" (or relevant module) and try to take your quiz.

Camera Not Detecting Face:

If you experience an error that reads "your face isn't showing clearly in the video," it may be related to the available memory on your computer. 

A computer that is running multiple applications simultaneously can experience a reduction in the available RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is the physical hardware inside a computer that temporarily stores data, serving as the computer's "working" memory. A reduction in RAM can sometimes contribute to facial detection failure, even though your face may be showing clearly. In addition, the "Ok, Got it" button may be unresponsive when this error occurs.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, we recommend restarting your computer and shutting down all unnecessary applications and services. After doing this, restart LockDown Browser and attempt your exam again.

A minimum 4gb of available RAM is necessary when using LockDown Browser to take an exam that also uses a webcam.

Further camera troubleshooting can be found here:



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