Rave Alert

Rave Alert is a notification system used by Lake Michigan College to send important alerts via email, text message, and phone calls. To ensure you receive RaveAlert messaged for alerts such as College closings, remote work days, and other important notifications, please ensure your contact information is up to date.

To update your information, please visit Banner Self Service and log in with your LMC username and password. If you are not a student, staff, or faculty of LMC, please submit a service request to be added to the RaveAlert system. Please include your full name, preferred email address, and phone number (please notate if it is a mobile number for texts or landline for calls only. Cellular numbers can receive both texts and calls.)

If you are an employee or student, once logged in you should see a screen similar to the image below

To ensure you receive RaveAlert notifications, please update the following fields:

Personal email: please enter your personal email in this section. RaveAlerts will be sent to this email address, in addition to the LMC email on file

Phone Number - Permanent (primary): This is your landline or mobile phone. Note, the phone number listed in this field will only receive a phone call.

Phone number - Cellular Phone: This is where you would input your cellular number. Note, the phone number listed in this field will receive a phone call and text message.

Updates to the information will sync to RaveAlert within 24 hours. If you do not receive a notification from RaveAlert when a notification is sent, please check that your information is updated in Banner Self-service. If the information is correct, please submit a service request to IT to research further.


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